Customer Testimonials

"We were having constant problems with our large gravel car park with weeds continually emerging. We used to spray with Roundup, and although controlled weeds well, it didn't last long and we were back spraying again in 3 or 4 weeks' time. Weed Force Weed Stop soil active herbicide was recommended to us. We added Weed Stop and Roundup and used our 15 litre backpack sprayer with a boom attachment to apply. We  treated nearly 400m2 in less than 10 minutes...amazing compared with the hours we used to spend spot treating with Roundup using small pump up sprayers. It has now been 4 months since applying Weed Force Weed Stop herbicide and not a weed in sight! "

Graeme, Napoleons, Victoria

"After years of trying glyphosate based products from hardware store we purchased some Glymac Dri 700 herbicide as we were told that it was professional strength. Although the active ingredient in this product is similar to Roundup, we were pleasantly surprised that it was not a liquid but instead soluble granules which looked a bit like coffee granules but white. We noticed from the pack that the product was 70% active,  close to double the strength of standard Roundup...the product dissolved and worked well.. no complaints!"

Julie, Emerald, Victoria

"I have just received my order by courier after ordering from Weed Force only yesterday. I ordered via the website...couldn't have been easier. The information supplied on the site made selecting the right product so easy. I will certainly be shopping there again for my weed control products."

Russell, Mount Warrenheip, Victoria