Wetting Agents to Improve Results


From $28 Side Kick wetting agent and spray drift reducer
wetting agent & spray conditioner

For Use In:

Weed Force Sidekick Wetting Agent & Spray Conditioner is a multipurpose adjuvant (spray additive)
 A major feature of Sidekick Wetting Agent & Spray Conditioner  is that it will reduce fine droplets and will reduce potential for off-target spray drift. 

It is especially suited for use with glyphosate based herbicides.

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From $39 Holdfast Organosilicone Penetrant & Wetting Agent
Penetrant & Wetting Agent

For Use In:

HOLDFAST is a non-ionic wetter/spreader/penetrant for use with agricultural chemicals.

 It  improves wetting and penetration of plant foliage to result in superior weed control especially of tough, difficult to wet broadleaf and woody weeds like Gorse, Blackberry and Bracken.

Target Weeds:

 HOLDFAST is effective with most agricultural chemicals unless otherwise stated on label. 

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From $28 Wetter 1000
general purpose wetting agent

For Use In:

Weed Force Wetter 1000 can be used where the addition of a wetter/spreader or surfactant is recommended on the agricultural chemical label.

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