Evict 540 Potassium Salt herbicide

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Product information

Evict 540 Potassium Salt herbicide is a broad spectrum herbicide which kills most broadleaf and grass weeds. 

Mixing Rates and Coverage

Hand Gun Application

  • Low Rate - 480ml/100L

  • High Rate - 870ml/100L

Knapsack Application

  • Low Rate - 47ml/10L

  • High Rate - 87ml/10L

Boom Spray Application

  • Low Rate - 2L/ha

  • High Rate - 6L/ha

Recommended Wetting Agent:
When spraying Silver grass and annual ryegrass in late winter and spring:

Wetter TX: 200mL/100L  

When spraying woody and perennial weeds:

Holdfast Organosilicone penetrant:  200-500mL/100L. 


  • Broad spectrum herbicide which kills most broadleaf and grass weeds. 

  • Evict 540 herbicide is Non-residual ie Kills Weeds but is non-residual in the soil

  • Evict 540 is  NOT suitable for use in aquatic environments

Active Ingredients

540 g/L glyphosate (present as potassium salt)

Where to Use

Around the farm
Commercial areas
Industrial sites

Weeds Controlled

Controls most grasses, broadleaf, and woody weeds

Useful Tank Mixes

Withholding Periods/Stock Restrictions

A Withholding Period for grazing stock is not required. However, it is recommended that grazing of treated plants be delayed to ensure herbicide absorption. 

Certain plants such as Soursob, St. John's Wort and Bracken, may be naturally toxic to stock. 

Where known toxic plants are  present, grazing should be delayed until complete browning of treated plants has occurred.

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