Ground Keeper Herbicide

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200g PACK
20G per 0.1ha
200G treats 1ha

Product information

Ground Keeper  is a professional weed killer and is the ideal companion product to add to Roundup, Evict Bio 360 or other glyphosate product. Ground Keeper is a long term weed killer and forms a protective barrier in the soil which prevents most new weeds from emerging for up to 9 months after application. Use  this product where maintaining bare ground weed control is desirable.

Suitable for where long lasting weed control in commercial and industrial situations is required eg
  • Industrial fence lines
  • Around Industrial and agricultural buildings
  • Commercial storage yards

Mixing Rates and Coverage

Ground Keeper herbicide

At typical use rates 20 grams of Ground Keeper herbicide treats approximately 1000 square metres.
Spot spray and handgun - 20g mixes 100 lt of spray mix
Boom spray rate (industrial areas) - from 200 g/ha

COVERAGE - 20 grams treats up to 1000 square meters

Ground Keeper Herbicide

At typical use rates when using a Handgun applicator,

200g of Ground Keeper mixes up to 1000lt of spray mix

Ground Keeper Herbicide - Measure Guide *

The Ground Keeper label recommends rates in grams. The following table can be used as a guide to measure Ground Keeper herbicide using common measure cups graduated in millilitres (mL). If you have access to scales that can weigh small amounts, this will be a more accurate measure. The example used below is for Weed control using high volume hand gun application. Ground Keeper is not designed to kill large established weeds.
If weeds are present add a glyphosate based weedkiller in accordance with the product label.

* example only - always read the product label prior to using to determine the correct rate for your situation
** measure accuracy +/- 10% (use scales where greater accuracy is required)

Useful Tank Mixes

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Always refer to and follow the product label before using this product
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