Gusto Woody Weed Combo

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SMALL WOODY COMBO PACK - controls over 65 woody & noxious weeds
Pack mixes approx 250L
LARGE WOODY COMBO PACK - controls over 65 woody & noxious weeds
Pack mixes approx 625L

Product information

The Gusto Woody Weed Combo is an easy to use, broad spectrum woody & noxious weed control kit. Contains professional herbicides.

Mixing Rates and Coverage

Gusto Woody Weed Combo - Measure Guide*

The example below uses the GUSTO herbicide rate required for hard to control woody weeds and the RENOVATE herbicide & HOLDFAST penetrant and wetting agent rates for bracken/blackberry and other hard to kill woody & noxious weeds in native grass pastures*

Note that this treatment will kill clover & other legume species and prevent them from re-establishing many months after application

* example only - always read the label prior to using to determine the correct application method and rate for your situation.
** Measure accuracy +/- 10% (use scales where greater accuracy is required).
* NB It is important to apply this product accurately. Application rates in excess of that recommended on the label can
cause damage to pasture and non-target species. and may prevent regrowth of such for many months.


  • Effective woody weed control
  • Rapid brown-out of woody weeds
  • Good option for controlling mixed stands of woody and some broadleaf weeds

Where to Use

  • Non crop areas
  • Commercial and industrial areas
  • Pastures
  • Rights-of-way

Weeds Controlled

Environmental & Noxious Woody weeds including:-

  • Gorse
  • Blackberry
  • Bracken
  • Brooms
  • Ragwort
  • Galenia
  • Patersons Curse
  • St Johns Wort

and many more

Useful Tank Mixes

Withholding Periods/Stock Restrictions

No need to remove stock when using
Care should be taken when grazing treated areas as some noxious weeds may become more palatable after spraying.

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Other Useful Information

  • Gusto Woody & Noxious Weed herbicide is a liquid formulation that is intended to be mixed with water
  • Renovate Broad Leaf and Woody Weed herbicide is a dry granular formulation that is intended to be mixed with water.
  • High volume handgun sprayers required to get best results on established woody weeds.
  • Knapsack and 12 volt sprayer packs are only recommended for the control of herbaceous weed such as capeweed and spear thistle and woody weeds that are not regrowth less than 60cm in height or 60cm diameter.
Always refer to and follow the product label before using this product
* read our Terms and Conditions for more details