Rhodamine Red Spray Marker Dye

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Product information

Rhodamine Red is a highly efficient red liquid vegetation  marking dye which can be added to water to identify areas which have been sprayed or areas or to be sprayed.

Mixing Rates and Coverage

  • At typical use rates mix 50- 100 ml of Rhodamine Red with 100 litres of water.
  • Use 100ml/100L water if a more intense colour marking is required

Hand Gun Application

50-100ml per 100L water

Knapsack Application

5-10 ml per 10L water


  • An effective red liquid dye for marking vegetation
  • Add to spray tank to keep track of where you have sprayed
  • Avoids missing weeds improving the weed control operation.
  • Displays deep red colour on difficult to mark foliage
  • Excellent for use on blackberry and gorse

Active Ingredients

150g/L Rhodamine B

Where to Use

  • Rhodamine Red is a red marker dye to assist in the identification of sprayed areas. 
  • Foam Colourant: When used as a foam marker colouring agent, white foam will become pink in colour to assist identification

DO NOT allow spray drift to come into contact with the paint work of motor vehicles or other materials as marking can be permanent

Useful Tank Mixes

Withholding Periods/Stock Restrictions

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